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Update Date: [2013-11-04]

NO.: 8

AHRI report No.08




Department Taiwan Animal Health Researdi Institute
Author S.C. YangJ.S. Lai;T.K. ChangJ.Y. Liu;Y.S. Wu;I.P. Chan

O&asionally even the mast effective vaccine d]l not induce stable immunity in the field, l-ecause the vaccination &oe is not suitable. Therefore properly ap$ying vaccine to obtain the mast effective vaccination is the gop%e of this study.

Recently in Taiwan, the Hog cholera neutralization anitbody has ten studied by many authors. From previous studies on the distribution of cxAastral antibodies of piglets, the result indicated that the olostral antibcdy titers of piglet were higher than their mothers. The parental transfered antibodies from various piglet in the same litter and the colostrum from different nipples showed different titers. According to the result as mentioner! above the anthors concluded that these may he closely affected by the colastrum of sows. Therefore, the relationship of the neutralization antibody titers among sows piglet and colostrums are carefully studied in this repcfl It is also an important study that when show the highest colastral antibody titer of piglet Sera were collected from? sows and 4 piglet which were sampled at random from each of their litters. The colostrum of each sow was also collected from 4 different teat (divided into first front left first front right, last hind left and last hind right) and were used in this study, the materialls (table 1. Fig, 1) were supplied by T S C and the result are summaril as follows:

1.TheH Cantibcdytiterslowlyincreasedfollowingthedaysofpregnancy, butthe highest titer was found in the lat rericd and at the rtirition. The titers decreased aft parturition. It was rela1 to the excretion of colasthim (Table 3 fig. 3)

2.Theantibodytiters ofthecolostrumare lOtimes orhigherthanthoseof48 hourold piglet (Table 3)

3. The colcetral antibody titers varied in the different nipples, The titer of antibodies from first front nipple was )C2 to X4 higher than those from last one. These result could explain why the piglet in the same litter showed different antibody tifers crable3fig4)

4.Thehigbestantibodytiters ofthepiglets was foundattheintervalof24-48 his aft birth.

3.TheH Cantihodytiters of 48 hour-oklpigleis arehigherthanthoseofsows aft flition.


Hog clioleraNEUThALIZATION$ C antibody