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Update Date: [2013-11-12]

NO.: 30

AHRI report No.30


Serological and biochemical studies on Pasteurella multocida isolated in Taiwan


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Yong-Siu Lu, Hsiang-Jung Tsai, Chun-Seun Tseng, Dth-Fa Liii

fri total, 111 isolates of Pasteurella multccida that were recovererl from various aNian species, pigs, cattle, and deer in Taiwan since 1970 were unvestigatd. All 111 isola were shown to he kelor*g&i to Carters caular serotypiizg type A. The result of H&clless somaticserotypir&gindicatlthat 80.2%(89/111) of theisolates wereof serotyj:e 1, 14,4%(161111) wereofserotype3, 4.5%(5/111) wereofserotype 8, and 0.9% (1 4 1 1)was serotype 9. Acxxcdung to animal species, one isolate of bovine cigin was of 3:A serotype; one isolate from deer was ofl:Aserotype; 14 isolates of swine origin were of 1 :A(2 isolates); 3:A(8 isola), and 8:A(4 isolates) serotypes; 95 isolates from various avian species (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons) were of ummarY 1:A (86 isolates, 9)5%), 3:A(7 isolates, 7.4%), 8:A(one isolate, duck origin) and 9:A (one isolate, duck origin) serotypes, of 84 isolates testol for their biochemical characteristics, all had uniform biochemical properties. All 84 isolates tesel completely feririenwi ga actose, glwx€e, mannc€e and mannitol. However, they showerl varierl fermentation reactions to other carbohydrat The fractions of the isolates that fermentol various carbohydrates were as follows : sucrose, %.4%;arabunose, 88.1%; sorbitol, 33.3% Maltose, 2.4 %.?Lu YS. Tsai HJ. Tseng CS. Liii DF. Serological and biochemical studies on Pasteorella multcdda isolati in Taiwan. J Chin Soc Vet Sd 20 (2): 155-161, 1994, Conespondiug author TEL(C12)621-21 11, FAX(C12)622-5345?



Pasteurella multccida, Cap6ular serotyping, Somatic serotypung. Carbohydrate fermentation