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Publication Residue Study of Sulfa drugs in Chicken  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 31

AHRI report No.31


Residue Study of Sulfa drugs in Chicken


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institu

Author S.J. JengS.C. Yang

EQS sample of chicken were oollectd from markets of nine counties in Taiwan durir*gthepericdofAugust 194 toApril 1%5 foranalysis of sulfadnigs residues. Aftr honogeniJ and weighed, tissue sample were extracted with solvent and determined by HPLC for sidues of several sulfa drags frequently used in chicken. The investigaI concentrations and the numer of positive sample for various sulfa drags were as follows: Sulfathiaale Irelow 0.05 ppm (5); Sulfamethazine Iflow 0.1 ppm (5), ietween 0.1 to 0.5 pprn(4); Salfadimethoxine kelow 0.1 ppm (3), ketwn 0.1 to0.5ppm(2);Sa]faquinoxalinekelow0.1pprn(2),ketwn0.1 toO.Spprn(2), ketween 0.5 to 1 ppm (2), akove 1 ppm (1). There were 12 cases investigated in chicken to ke akove 0.1 ppm which was the allowed residual concentration of sulfa drug in normal prcducis according to the official regultions of Deflient of Health, The dettion percentage was estirnael to 1±1.98% (12,6. On the k%sic of the findings ofoursurvey,weconclucklthatthesituationinresidueofsu]fadnagin chicken in Taiwan was eptable.


Sulfarlimethoxine $ulfamethazne$ulfamonomethcameu1fqu]noxabneSulf3.iluazo1e.