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Publication Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis in Taiwan  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 33

AHRI report No.33


Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis in Taiwan



1.Taiwan Animal Health Research lnsttut
2.Yunlin Livestck Disease Caitrol Cent

Author Yung-Kung Uao 1 -Nan-Jung Li 1 Chun-San Tseng 1 )‘Sing-Chu Cheng 1 5-Pai Author Liou 1 Shyi-Nam Chang 2Chi-Chw Kao 2*lomMo Lee 2

Keratcconyuncuvitis was olterval in neat-type cattle in Yunlin county in August 1 96. The clinical signs of these cattle included xedden and swollen ooipncuvi, cornea hycexernia, exflsion of eyelells, blindness and lacrimation. The result of the etiologic investigation indicated that the disease was caused by Mcnxella bovis. While Snmin SptcxxAxus spjx Sphykxxcus spp. and Pasturella spp. were also iso1aJ from the cxzulax swaI, they were believed to be saoondary infations. The isolati M, bovis
causal obvious henolysis in blocd agar, and the ruesence of pill was &nonstl by elsotronmicrcscopy. No c*her viral pathogen or Chlanydia spp. was isolati from the diseased cattle. The fnal diagnosis of the disease was infattous bovine keratcconj,nctivits.


bfaiious bovine keratxonjunctivins )Aoraxella bovisPinkeye.