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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 33

AHRI report No.33


Development and Field Application of Bordetella, Pasteurella, Actinobacillus, Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Pseudorabies virus lnactivated Combine 



1 Animal Health Research Insiltut Council of Agriculture epartinen 
2.YumLin livestock Disease Control Center

Author CHENChing1*M,H. Jong 1;I.P. ClanlC,CLu 1;T.F. Chioul.S.Lai 1HJ Kol,CJ.Li2;T,KLi2f,M.Li2;YC Wu2;K.T.Wu2,CC Kao 2,QS.Tsai2

The sows irnmuniz!d with poly-valent vaccine, adjuvantl with either aluminum hydroxide gel or oil adjuvant developoi antibody titers ranged from 1:5,120 to 1:20,480 against Bordetella honchiseptia (B .b) antigen as determinde by using tuk a.gglutinationts Theassiveantibodytiters were 1:1,413 to 1:4,035 intheir4 days old piglet. As the piglet grew older, the antibody titers decreased.

In the laboratory, the antibody titer deve1on1 against rteudorabies (Pr.) antigen from the serum and colosti-urn of the sows after vaccination varied from 1:11 to 1:256 by serum neutralition t. The passive antibody titers were 1:8.4 to 1:26.7 and 1:3.6 to 1:7.4 for their 4-thy and 4-week old piglet, respectively, Alt 8 and 12 weeks old,
those values dropreri kelow 1:2.

lii the field trial, the serum antibody titers against B.b for the vathnatl sows ranged from 1:130to 1:lf0inprevaccinationand 1:3,SEoto 1:3,680on3-4 days after farrowi izg. The geometric mean titer (GMT) of the passive immune titer measured 1:1,810 to 1:2,168 for their 3-4 days old piglet.The ChIT antibody titer against Pr. antigen of sows aft vaccination also increased distinguishably, For their 4-thy and 4- wk old piglets, the passive antibody titer varied from 1:277 to 1:342 and 1:162 to 1:167, respectively. Based on these experimentil result, the increase in the immune antibody titers were fairly satisfactory.
Bordetella &onchisep&aasteuxefla multccidaActinobocillus


pleuropneumoniaeflcherichia coli$almonella choleraesuisfleudorabies virus combination vaccine.