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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 39

AHRI report No.39


High-performance Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Carbadox, Olaquindox, Furazolidone, Nitrofurazone, and Nitrovin in Feed


Department Animal Health Research hstituie, Cunal of Agriculture
Author Shili Yuli Lin*, Shiow Uan Jeng

A high-performance liquid chromatographic with gx&Jient gogramming method was developed to determine the amount of cailalox(CBX), oluindox(OLQ), fuxao1idone(FZ), nitofurazcne(N19, and nitrovin(NTV) in feed sirnvltansc’usly. Complete seration of the drngs was obtained using a C8 silica gel column with girlient of acetonit-ile as mobile phase. The Mobile phase used an acetonitrile gradient with a initial hold time of 1 at 0% acetonitrile ,followed by an increase to 50% acetoniirile over 10mm. the correlation ccefficients (r) for cahintion curves of the S feed additive were greater than 0.9?). The relative standard deviations (RSDs) of peak areas from four injxtions for these drngs at three concentration were less than 3.0%, although the RSD for NW at S ppm was somewhat large (6,7%). The meriicatl fis were extracted by petreating with water; extracted with 95% dimethylformamide overnight at rcom temperature, and cleaned up on a cdurnn of alumina oxide. R&overies of CBX, OLQ,FZ,NF and NW from low level spilced fi were 1C12.Q94.6,97.4,1 10,6, and 66.0%, respectively, and from high level spi)ed feed, they were 114.Ci),99.1 ,97.3 ,1O),9, and 62.7% respectively.


Pyrimethamine; ormetoprim3iPLC.