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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 35

AHRI report No.35


Evaluation of the Protection Efficacy of Newcastle Disease Vaccination Programs



1.Dereriment of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taicei, Taiwan 1%.ROC
2,Animal Health Research fristitu Council of Agricult,re

Author Hsiang-Jung TSAI 1 *Jth..Fa LIN 2

Various Newcastle disease (ND) vaccination programs were test! for their protection effay. ffi trial 1, SPF chicks were vaccinated with an attenuated cc inactivated ND vaccine at 4-day-old, then beosed again with an attenuani or inactivatedNfl vathneat7days ofagectr 14 days of age. Allvnat!groups shower! a gocd protection ae (80-1(0%) when they were challenger! with a virulent ND virus at 5-wk-old. In trials 2 and 3, several groups of broilers with high maternal antibcdies (geometric mean hemagglutination-inlilbition antibody tier was 1:84,5- 1:135 at 4-thy-old) were simultaneously imxnuni2ed with an attenuat! and an inactivat! ND vaccine at 4 days of age, and then revaccinat! with an atenuat! ND vaccine at 17-day-old. Other groups of boilers were first vaccinat! withalive vaccine at 4-thy-old, revaccinaterl with an inactivat! vaccine at 14-thy-old, and then boost! again withalive vaccine at 17-thy-old. Good rnoertion rae (80-1(0%) was achieved in both groups when they were challenged at 5-wek-old. When they were challenger! at 3-wek-old and 4-wek-old, the latter broiler groups had a significantly higher protection rate (1(0%) than the formal broiler groups (50-80%) (p<0.0S).


Newcastle disease(ND);Vaccination msProterDtion efficacy.