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Publication Practice service and surveillance of cultured fish diseases  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 40

AHRI report No.40


Practice service and surveillance of cultured fish diseases


Department Animal Health Research hstituie, Cunal of Agriculture
Author Sue-Min Haung, Chien Tn, Chien-Chin Cheng Shu-Ting Kuo, Shang-Hai Lin,Jong Rong Shiau.

Eight hundred twenty cases of aquatic animal srthments were collectd for diagnosis and monitoring program from January to Dfternlrr 2GM in Taiwan,Diagnosis of b3s±rial and viral diseases were carried out utilizing the t±niques of viral isolation, PCR methcds, API Itit and analysis of 1 rRNA gert Analysis of case sources revealed that 82% were from privae fish farms, 6.2% from iccal Livestcck Diseases Control Centers and university, 6.9% from quarantine bureaus and 4.7% from research programs. The percentage disthbution of spezies in collected spthmens include 154% of freshwater fish (mainly Ptrcidae spp), 66% of seawater fish (maninly Epinephius sw Cobia, Lutj3nidae spp), 6.2% of pet fish(mainly koi), 6.5% of crustacean, 4.3% of amphibians, 0.3% of shellfish and others 1.3% from the total cases. Out of 252 cases ofinrialinfections, both Steptocxxcus iniae(37.3%) and Nccardia serio1 (9.1%) infection were commonly found in freshwater and seawater fish. Vibio spp infaDtion(9.9%) usually

occurred in summer, whereas PhotoIzterium damselae subp, piscicida (4.7%) did in winter. A total of 327 cases of viral infection were diagnose), which is composed of Iridovirus infection (49%), Virus nervous necrosis virus infection (36.2%), mixed infec nofabove both virus (13%),Lymphocystivirus infection (4 cases), Koi herpesvinis infection (5 cases), birTiavirus-like virus infection in crab (2 cases) Besides, Scasesofparasiticinfection, 1 aseoffungalinfectionandocasesofotherdisease tothtotalcases.Theairoveresultshowedthemajorviaaldiseases in cultured fish are caused by Iridovirus and Virus nervous necrosis virus and the major bacterial diseases are caused by Stepbxxxcus inia Nccardis seriol Vibio spp infection. The above data of disease prevalence can provide reference for vaccine development and prevention policy, also resolving diseases problem for fish farmers..


MOs, genetically inorlified organisms, ABSL-3, animal biosafety level 3, animal house.