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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 31

AHRI report No.31


Production and field trial of poly-valent bacterin for swine atrophic rhinitis pasteurellosis and actinobacillus pleuropneumonia control


Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Ching CHENChing-Chuam LU)eung-Hsiung LAI j-lao-Jan KO;I.Po. CHAN

Bacterial cell suspensions of Bordetella honchiseptica (B.b), Pastuxella nultccida (P in) and Actinoithilus pleuropneumoniae (A p) were separately colktei and inactivated by adjusting their concentrations, Aftward, the poly-valent bacterin was gepared via aluminum hydroxide gel using cornbin& cell suspensions. The bacterin was used to imxnm the pregnant sows first with 3 rnL IM for basic vaccination dose at 4-5 weeks I:efore parturition and bcxxted with S mL two weeks lat In laboratory, agar gel immunodiffusion test were performed for the colcetal antibody titers obtinad from sows immunized with poly-valent bacterin aft parturition. The antibody titers for the three immunized sows to Pm type A, typeD, Ap type 1 and type Swerel:32, 1:16,1:16,1:8,1:4,1:4,1:16,1:8,1:8 and 1:16, 1:4, 1:8,respeztively. However, the prrthpitation line could neither be detectl in the colc€trum and serum of sow of the control group nor in sexa of the immunizal group by the test. In two field ts, the antibady titers of sows against Eb before vaccination were notably low and increased remarkably aft immunization. The titers aft vaccination were 1:320- 1:5420 and 1:640-1:20,480 and followed normal distrubution pattern. On the other hand, the titers of the 4-thy-old suckling piglet were similar to those in the immunial sows. At 8 weeks old, thedetalpiglettiters weregxeaterthan 1:40exceptforone sample. However, they gradually deereased at 12 and 16 weeks old, Therefore, we can conclude on the basis of the experimnenl result that poly-valent bactes-in could develop effeetive immune responses for sows, in addition, maternal antibody titers of the suckling piglet were high, furthermore the bcostr vaccination for piglet aft 8 weeks old would be suitable for swine atrophic rhinitis pasteurellosis and actinolthllus pleuropneumonia controL


Bordetella honchisepticaflsteurella mu&ddaActinobacillus pleuxopneumoniaePo1y-va1ent bacterinleuropneumonia.