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Publication Identification of bluetongue virus in goats in Taiwan  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 39

AHRI report No.39


Identification of bluetongue virus in goats in Taiwan 

Department Animal Health Reseaidi bsiitu, Council of Agncultuze

Bhetorg is an arthr d4xiine, inous viral disease of domestic and wild ruminant. The disease ns throughout and regions where the vtors such as Cu&o s, zespmsi) for tammltnng the virus axe esent (Gibhe and Greiner 1994, Osixm 19I). S)p axe d mont se’elv affected hvestcck series, whereas cattle and gc axe usually asymmatic xervoir hont(MLac)ilan 1994) To dat at st 24 soty of 1oitge virus (8W) have i identified. Several methods lwJ1ng virus i utrahon (Howell and ohersl9?0), plaqe nor1(Davs and Bkk)zm 1971), plaque inh*viou (Afshar 1994) and fluoxesence irihibmoir (Blxkwell and bnt 19%) have i deve1oei for sping Recently, generic typag by xee transcribed PCR (RT-PCR) and nudti& smg was also used to differentiate various seroes of BW in Austalia and the USA McCllandGouk1 1991, Wilson and chase 1993). This short communicanon ccn1 the isolaton and fkatron of 8W from gout in Taiwan; it is also the first report of B1V in dinafly )lthy gout in Taiwan.

In may 2(03, the gcet lads in Kinznen Island were surerl serologjcally for bluetongue th a cinjetrnve JSA lat purchased from UK. Serum samples were collected frcn four gout farms, which were found to he seroposinve at rea of 33 rercerlt (three of nine). 81ercent (13o116), 1CJcent (four of four) and 1C0excent (18 of 18), IesDtive1y. Suheeqnently, virus isolation was jerformerl on a total of 22 hecanini1 whole blocd sample frcn serqxitive animals. The method of virus isolation was as cc&ed by Clavip aril c*bms (2(0)). Briefly, erythxccytes were washed three fln-fs with Dulbeixo’ s heffexed saline and the washed cells were frcn and thawed xeealy. A volume of’ 0.1 ml of the lysale was imtxavenously incculated on 1 1-day-okl en yoiiaed thicken egg. The incculatoi eggs were thoiheted atffl and oheerved daily for up to sewn days. Emhycu that died between the thixd and fifth days af inoculatcrr were harrestol and homogeni with minimum essential medium alpha to vcduce a 10 recent (wi) susrension, the susensicn was centrifugated and inoculated onto BHK-21 cells. A Cytopathic effect was obeerverl during the third and fourth day af ncculatoiL The suematant of infec BH K-21 cells was amiz1 by electron mcticxDpy, and revealed panicles with a typical rnorphok>gy cReovir 1 virus was subenitted to the CSIRO Australian Animal Health 1.iby, Geek Victoria, Australia, for serotyping, this confirmed that the virus isolarxi from kinmnen, named 8W/KM stain, belong to 8W serotyre 2.

Viral if the 8W/KM strain, correspding to nucitides 11 to 284 of the RNA 6 genou JIE2CEXY) and the full length see Of the L2 gene, were amnpifd from the surernatant of infected cell cuitwe (Ohashi 2(02). The see data of the BWL2 gene was subcnit to (JenBank (accession nuinker AY 462225). Sequence analysis and phy1ogenec studies of the U gene showed that the 8W/KM strain was dustered together with BW serotye 2 stainsfrom other areas,mainly Italy isolates (AJ4300S7.62), a Corsica isolate(AF2S66iO1) and an isolate from the USA(M21946); tIe V440 strain (AFi 35218) From China was genetically cktiest to Kinnien isolate with aoximnately 95 percent nucleo&le identity. This result uppoited tie sugges1 that rtifkation ci BW serotyes by analysis of the sequence of gencnic segxrent 2 is ptisilk (Maan and others 2(03). It is not known for known for how long 8W has Ir esenied in Taiwan. Kinmen Island is geographically dctieri to de Huija Province ci mainland China, and is sepaxaed from tie 1ninknw1 by only 4 km of sea. lie aithxopd vectors of 8W, such as Culicokies spoes, could easily he transpi from the mainland to the island on id shipi. hr htion, illegal txa of tie asymj*matic livestcck could also intrcduce the virus, Furd inwniigation is required to determine whether this serotye or other serotye of c serc*yje ci B1V are esent in Taiwan.



BTV erotyre;Kimrr tBli igue,A1xtion Strom.