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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 39

AHRI report No.39


Comparison of lon-Pairing and lon-Suppressing Liquid Chromatographic Methods for the Determination of Pyrimethamine and Ormetoprim in Chicken Feed



Animal Heaith Research Lisutut, CcRmdl of Agriculture

Author ShuII Yuh Lin*, Shiow ban Jeng

A high- rerfornance liquid oh matographic (HPLQrrethcd is dewkced to simulrtDusIy &trrnine pyrfrrethamine(PYR) and cnnetogin(OMT) in chicken fecd, Li tie lonjning HPLC &ermination of PYR And DMT, the reknon Ietv.wi tie retntion factor(k’ ) and the concentration of tie organic phase (acetoriith)e) show a chararisnc curve, The k’ value first cease and then Increases slowly th ucxeasing concentrations of anitil]e,but tien rn-ease xa&liy when tie acetriitn]e comcentran theases to mResoiuhon (Rs) of PYR and OMT cease gr&Iually when the concenntion of organic phaseincieses fraeasing the ocsicaitsnon of the peiring ion sodium l-cctanesJonat(PIC 8-8) can decrease the k’ and Rs vales. Optixnumvaitsesofk’ andRsaeobtaiiniusthg82%anthileinO.COSMPICB- ummary 8. in ion-suppressing, HPLC varying tie concentration of Na2HPO4 has li* effect oneititthekorRsvaliofPYRorOMTatPH73,HowetatPH4,O,k’ andRs decline when tie concentration of Na2HPO4 increases, In geneal, ton-peiring HPLC gejerats more satisfactory results than ion-supcressing H PLC. Using 82% acetojthile in wat conining O.CO1M PK 8-8 as the moba phase, linear cahlnn curves are obind in the range from 1 to 5 ng/L of PYR and OMT. Sulfarnonomethoxine, su1fiiinethoxine, sulfaquinoxa]ine, trimethopr-im, ampdium, clopkloi, and nicartan di nc* inerfeit with tie det*ion of PYR or OMt The recotes of PYR from spEkal fecd at land 5mg/Kg axe 73% and 72%, xespoDn’, and those of OMT from spilcal f1 at 3 and? rrig,4cg are 503% and 536%, resettiveiy.



Pyrirnethamnine; onnetopixn3-IPLC.