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Publication Epizootiology of infectious bursal disease in Taiwan in 1992  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 30

AHRI report No.30


Epizootiology of infectious bursal disease in Taiwan in 1992


Taiwan Animal Health Research lnsthut

Author Hsiang-Jun,g Tsai and Young-Siu Lu

An epizootic of infectious bursal disease (lED) cccni in Taiwan in 1992. A oilmulative total of 294 chicken flccks in 14 counties of cities were affected, as revealed by the result of this present investigation. A cumulative total of 426,7O chickens were estimated to bave keen affected, among then 192., 497 (45.11%) died. Thenunkeroffkcks affecin 1992was twiceof thatin 1991, andnumkerofthe birdswhichwerelc6tin 1992as aresultof IEDwerel3times fofthatin 1991. The epbx& was first okterved in Feiruary in northern part of Taiwan, then spreding to the cental and southern part of Taiwan. The epidemic reached it teak in August and Septrakerof 1992, but still had not died outinthe first-half yearof 1993. Most of the thickens affected by the epiax& were 3 to? weeks old (22?126Z85%). The oldest thickens affected were 12 weeks old. All breds of thickens were affected, and the ODunfry chicken(native chicken and simulative native chicken) had the highest incidence and mortality rat. Howerer, both the layer and county chick n had a sipuificantly fllflfli3I7 higher mortality rat than hoiler(P<0.05), as olrseri from a considerration of vaccine immunization. 45%(1 031229) of the chicken flccks affectel never received any lED vaccination, 42.8 %(98/229) had one tED vaccination, and 122% (28/229) had two tED vaccinations. The mortality tat of the flccks which had tED vaccination was siguificantly lower than those flccks without tED vaccination(PctO.0l). More than lB of the chicken flcdrs affected during the epidemic had a mortality rat higher than 10%. Additionally, above 10% fo the flccks which were affected had a mortality rat higher then 25%, The highly virulent tED rirus had been isolati during the epizxtic, Theepbtic in 1992 in Taiwan was suggesi in this study as having been caused by the highly virulent tED virus, similar to those recently reported in many European countries and neighboring counties such as Jaj:en and Korea. Thai HJ, Lu YS. Epix’tiology of infectious bursal disease in Taiwan in 1992. J Chin 5cc Vet Sd 19(4): 249- 258, 1993. Ccnesponding author TEL:(02)621-21 11, FAX:(02)622-5345.


Highly virulent infectious bursal disease, Broiler, Layer, Cc’unty chicken