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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 30

AHRI report No.30


Development of Edwardsiella tarda with Aeromonas hydrophila Combination Bacterin and its Immunity by Orally in Eels.


1 Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Taishi Branch, Taiwan Fisheries Ressarch Institute 3.Dertoent of Zcdogy, National Taiwan University

Author Ching Cheni, HI Kol, T.i Lul, CC Lul, J.S. Lail, IF. Chani, CM. Shau2 SN.

In this study, Edwardsiella ada (E. ada) and Aeromonas hydrophila (A. hydrophila) were cultured in train heart infusion agar plates at 30? for 18-20 hours. The individual bacterial cells wereharvesteri, washed with phosphate bufferec saline (PBS), and followed by adjusting to 4—SX1 (Y’l0 CFIJ/ml using for each bacteria. Subuenily apial volume of susrension of E. ada and A. hydrophila was mixed, The suscension was then divided in to two groups, the first group was inactivated using 0.3% Formalin ada follower by addition of 0.01% Thimerosal, as preservative. The second group of bacterial susnsion was sonicated and then the 0.3% of Formalin and 0.01% of Thimerosal were added. Subsepently, 10% volume of the Aluminum hydroxide gel-Bentonite was added into each susrension, These susrension were then used as bacterins for the immunization of eel in laboratory and in field. In laboratory the bacterin were orally incoi]al in to two group of eels. Three weeks aft immunization, the semm titer against E. ada and A. hydrophila of immuniad eels were determined by tde agglutination test, respootvely. The result showed that the U]fl]flI7 antibody titer ranged from 1 :40—i :&10 was obtained in group of eels vaccinated with formalin killed cell bacterin. In the group of eels vaccina with cells sonicaI bacterin antibody titer in a range of 1:40’-1:l,280 was obtained. The result also showed that against A. hydrophila were higher than that against E. ada. In the field thai, oral delivery of bacterin by meal and anus intibaung techniques were used, ieseotively. The antibody titer of eels were then analyed using the same methcd as theat in the group of eels in laboratory. The results showed that significant antibody titers were detected in the va,oxoinated eels infield. Howex the antibody titers uptol:5,i2Oofeels vaccinated using anus intubstion tuohnique were higher than those obtained from the eels vaccinated by oral administration, similar to the results obtained from laboratory, it was also showed that in field test the antibody titers against A. hydrophila were higher than those against E. ada. It was therfore concluded that the specific antibody titer against E. ada and A. hydrophila could te indncsi in the eel vaccinated with combination buoterin by oral route.


F4 Edwardsiella ada, aeromonas hysrcchile, Combination Lacterin, Oral immunity