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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 33

AHRI report No.33


Field trlals of poly-valent bacterins for erysipelas control-evaluation of immunity effects on pigs vaccinated with erysipelas vaccines with feed containing antimicrobial additives



1 Animal Health Research lnstitute Council of Agriculture epartmen 
2.Chia-Yi Hsien Livestcck Disease Control Center

Author Clii izg-Qiuan Lul Cling (2ien*1 liun-Shyong bil FIao-Jan Ko 1 N-Wei Guo 1 ;I Po (Than 1 Chi-Ming Yeh 2;Wen-Chaug Chang2

Hwing-Meng Hsiaw2Maw-Jenn Chen2fln-how CMu2)en-Sung Lo 2
The gocmebt mean titer (GMT) of the growth agglutination (GA) titers of swine vaccinated with attenuatl Erysipelas vaccine against la serotyre strain isolati in Taiwanwereroundtokel:16,1:14.9,andl:191,respatvely,at3,6,andl2wee]rs afr vaccination in feeding condition with feed conining 1.2kg/ton of SP-SC’) additive. ThcGe GA titers were distinguishabie from the counterparis measured, respectively, 1:7,1:9.2, and 1:? from the group of pigs inoculatl with inactival bactrin under the same fling condition. It indicated that the immunity abilities of the pigs immunized with attenuati vaccine were not affazted by that antimicrobial additive.

On the other hand, two groups of pigs were fed with Amoxicillin 0.3 kg + Chloramphenicol 1.0kg per ton additives The GMT of the GA titers were 1:9.8,1:7.5, and 1:7 for the group of pigs immuniad with attenuati vaccine. Compared to the
GMToftheGAtitssofl:7,1:9.2,andl:8obtainedfromthegroupofpigswith inactivated bacterin vaccination under the same feed condition, the resulting GA titers were similar, Comparing the two groups of pigs inoculati with attenuated vaccine but fed with different additives, the immunity effat of the pigs were inhibited under the saDond f condition On the contrary, the GMT of the GA titers were at the same level under both feed conditions for the groups of pigs vaccinated with inactivati ia.

Although the GA titers were low in all groups of pigs vaccinal with inacdvaI bacterin, the GMT titers were not distinctly different in the two additive groups tested. Based on the challenge expxure to vinilent strain, the result indicatel that all groups of pigs showed various degree of challenge reactions. frs the end, except for one dead pig in the group with inactivatel laterin vaccination, the rest survived like the group of pigs vaccinated with attenuaed vaccine.


Cagmne athitis-encephalitis (CAB)ISA antibody.