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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 39

AHRI report No.39


Development of an Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae inactivated vaccine 


Department Animal Health Research hstituie, Cunal of Agriculture
Author Chang,WM,YSWu,KFLinandJRShiau

A selsttion of a sed stain for development of Actinok&illus pleuropneumoni (Ap) vaccine was made from 4 tyr stains and 21 field stains. Among 25 stains, 21 stains were smcoth type, 2 were rough type and 2 were mucus type acxxxdir*g colony morphology. The criteria of the selsotion were besed on the ss2ttion of Apx I toxin, since it was one of the major factcus of pathogenesis, and on colony morphology. The deztion of ApxI toxin was made by immnoblotting t and hemolytic t. The distibution of tier by immnoblotting test and hemolytic test were from negative to 1:256andfromnegativeto1:3respeztive1y. Itwasoxxrdinasiwiththehtnolytic zone appeared in bkxxl agar cultured. The seal stain selsoel was a field isolate in 19Ththtitof1:256and1:32testlbyabc>vett.Thecytotoxinconinedth culture supernant of Actinobuzilits pleuropneuxnoniae serotyre 1 was concentraisi by salting out of ammonium sulfate. The amount of cytotoxin were lcGt less than 10% aft ooncentration prccess when measured by immuno-Wottir*g assay, However, the biological activity of cytotoxin was decreased greatly for more then %% when detuzted by hemolytic test. The physical properties, purity, sterility, and safety of prepared inactivated vaccine with addition of a oommerciali2ed oil adjuvant were all fit the national corresponding regulation, The evaluation of proztive efficacy of prepared bacterin was done by mice protection t. The protective index was 1.41 and the inactivated vaccine was proved to be effective..


Actinobecillus pleuropneumoniae, toxin, vaccine.