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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 33

AHRI report No.33


Development and field application of Edwardsiella tarda、Aeromonas hydrophila and Flexibacter columnaris Combined Bacterin in Eels. 



1 Animal Health Research Institutes Council of Agriculture
2.Taishi Branch, Tain Fisheries Research Institute epar-un 
3,Dertrient ofcdogy, National Taiwan University
4.Yunlin Hsien livestcck Disease Control Center

Author HJ. Ko 1ThingQien lO,C Lu hJ.S, Lai ljN WeiGuol;LP.Than l$D.M. Shau 2S,N. Chen31,T. Wang 4$,Y.Thang4

An inactivated lecterin consisting of Fdwardsiella tarda, Aeromonas hydrophila and Flexikecer columnaris was develo. Immunition test using intramuscular inLindon (IM) and orally with fish meal were cartied out in eels t evaluate the combined IDterin5.Eachee1intheIM groupwas inifreiwith 1OmLoflctrin;theeels inthe orally vaccination with meal group were given 6.0 mL per eel per day for two conseeutive days. Two weeks and four weeks after immuniti respectively, for the IM group and the orally groug the eels were challenged with Edwardsiella tarda, Aeromonas hydrophila, Flexikecter columnaris and ifs combined suspension of thogens. resatively. The protection indexes (PD obined in the laltratory were log 101.log10l.3,logl01.0andlogl0l,4fortheIMgroupandlog100.8,log10 1 S log 10 1.0 and log 10 1.7 for the orally groug respectively, Using the same thogens in the laboratory, the test were also conducted in Taishi branch of the TFRI, The Phi by using orally vaccination with meal were log 100.8, log 1003, log 101.7 and log 1009, restDtively.

These experimental result showed that there axe variation in the protection indexes after challenge. As a whole, however, the combined Lectern achieved gcoi immunizxtion results in eels against the FAwaxdsiellosis, red fin disease,and columnaris disease.


Eels fdwardsiella trada,Aeromonas hydrophilaj9exikecter columnaris Combination biin.