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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 34

AHRI report No.34


Comparison of Safety and Efficacy of Erysipelas Inactivated and Attenuated Vaccines in Mice and Pigs



Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute

Author Ching (Then, Ching-Chuan Lu, Shiuii-Chih tin, Nas-Wei Kuo and 1-Po (Than

Mice and pigs were used to test the safety and efficacy of mono-and pcdy-valent inactivati vaccines and mono-valent attenuated vaccine of erysipelas. The result showed no side reacuons on either exrerimental animals, even when 10 times doses for pigs were used in mice. When the mice were immun&l, sulxutaneously, with 1 .4x 1CM CFUof attenuaivaccinetheyresistitothechal1engeof 1(OMLD ofavirulent Erysielothrix rhusiothiac (Er). Although the inactivai vaccine is very safe, a vaccination dose of 3x1 010 CFU was required for the jrottion from the 1(0 MU) challenge. On the other hand, the growth agglutination (GA) titers of four pigs were 1: 32 when the sea were cxflatl at two weeks a&r vaccination using attnuatl vaccine. Summary hi addition, no distinct changes in the GA titers were found at two weeks after challenge (4 weeks after vaccination). However, the GA titers were 1:8 for other 6 pigs when the sen were tted at 2 weeks after vaccination with inactivated vathne. Thetitersincxeasedtol :128to1 :512whenthesenwereiattwoweeksaftr challenge. These increased titers were aprent1y due to the expcxsure of pigs to challenge with Er. The results indicati that the efficacy of the attnuaal vaccine is ketter than that of the inactivani Earn. (tChen C, Lu 00, Un SC, Kuo NW and Chan P. Comrison of safety and efficacy of erysigelas inactivated and attenuated vaccines in mice and pigs. J Chin Scc Vet Sci 24(2) :73-81, 1998. *QespopcJfrg author TEL : (12-2621-2111, FAX : 02-2622-5345)


Erysielas, Jnactiva bacterin, Attenuated vaccine. Immunity potency