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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 37

AHRI report No.37


Anti-3AB antibodies in the Chinese yellow cattle infected by the O/Taiwan99 foot-and-mouth disease virus



Animal Health Research bstitute Council of Agriculture

Author Chun-Cheg Huang Fan Lee, Wen-Jeng Tu, Shu-Hwae Lee, Ten-Shiang Huang Yeou-Uang Un, Mvig-Hwa Jon& Shun-Yuli Liii

The O/Tthwan,99 foot-and-mouth disease virus(FMDV), a South Asian topotype of serotype O,was unt&nl into Taiwan ml 999. The Chinese yellow cattle frifeced by the virus did not develop clinical lesions under experimental and field conditions. A blcddng enzyme-linked immunosorlrnt assay (ELLA) kit with the3AB antigen, a olyeptide of FMDV non-structural (NS) protein, was used to evaluate the development and duration of anti-3AB antibcdies proving active viral replication, in the Chinese yellow cattle.

The sthficity of the assay was 99%, as was established with negative sea from regularly vaccinati and from native cattle, The sensitivity tested ummary with sea from naturally infectl animals was approximately 64% and it was lower than that obtained by serum neutralization (SN) test Under experimental infection, the Chinese yellow cattle developed lower anti-3AB antibodies than that developei hi other sreoies. Duration of anti-3AB antibodies was traced in two herds of naturally infected animals, indicating that anti-3AB antibodies rersised for approximately 6months aft outbreaks. On the brsis of this sudy, we prope€e that the Chinese yellow cattle may have natural resistance, which limit viral replication and reduces the development of anti-3AB antibodies.?C2iXl2ElsevierSciencefl,V. All rights reserved.

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