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Publication Surveillance of Avian Influenza in Taiwan in 2005  

Update Date: [2013-11-14]

NO.: 41

AHRI report No.41


Surveillance of Avian Influenza in Taiwan in 2005

Department Animal Health Research thstitut, Council of Agriculture, Exozutive Yuan
Author M.C. Cheng,M.S.Le,LH.Chen,Y.P.Liu,S.T.Kuo,S.H.Lft

The purcxse of this surveillance was to reali epklemiology of avian influenza in Taiwan wild birds and pcultry. fri 2005, a total of 4,5% fftai samples from wild birds were exarnino-J. Fcxrty-nine viruses were isolatl and subtyt1 as H1N1, H2N7, H3N6, H3N8, H3NQ,H4N2, H4N3, H4N6, H5N2, H6N1, HIN3, H1ON6, H1ON8, H 11 N9 and Hi 2N2. Most of these viruses were isolael from ckc]c faoai samples; but two viruses, H3N8 and H4N6, were isolael from terns. In addition, S strains of H’7N3 and 1 strain of HSN2 viruses were isoiael from the wild dwzks inTaireiandTainan, and all of those viruses were low ethogenic (U>) stains. In pcniitry surveillance, 2,613 samples coileced from chicken farms, except one LP HSN2 virus isolati from 30 sentinel chickens in a cleaance fami, no any H5 c- H? avian influenza virus was ckte*%d in other farms.

In our conclusion, Taiwan is still a HSN1 -fie country. There was no evi&nce of HSN1 virus carri&J by the entry migiay birds. So that, the risk of this virus invai3e nto Taiwan by migxatcy birds is very low.


Avian influenza, Virologic surveillance