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Update Date: [2013-11-07]

NO.: 26

AHRI report No.26


The residual study of chlortetracycline and Sulfa drugs in animal products


Taiwan Animal Health Reseaxdi Institutu

Author SJ. LeeS,Y. Lin;Y,H, Yang.Y, Chiu

Ecperiraent were condal to investigatu the residue of chlortetracycline (CTQ and sulfamethazine (SMZ) and Sulfaquinoxaline (SQ) in animal tissues, when animal feed was supplementi &ocrdingly to the regulation FI Additives. Pigs wexe fed with the diet contining bth lloppmcrc and 110 SME. Broilers were fed with diet supplementul with 220 ppm crc or 5(X) ppm SQ. Muscle, liver, kidney, gjzzard, serum and urine were analyzed for the concentation of drugs.

Analytical gocaluse: Microbiological cylin&r platu assay was used for the demrmination of crc. Samples were extracted with PBS then centrifuged and analyS with B&zillus subtilis (AT(XD 6633). Samples were solubil&{ with 0.01 N H2S04 then homogenizd and extraced with chloroform. The ext-act was dried and dissolved with methanol gior to lie intctl into HPLC (High performance Liquid chromatogxaplty) to deturrnine SME and SQ. The theton limit for crc is 0.1 ppm
and 0.2 ppm for SME and SQ.

Residual Result: 0.7 ppm crc was detuti in urine of pigs underwenti, day of withdrawal. crc was not detestul from other tissues aft thy and 2day withdr-awal. In broilers, serum, liver and kidney contined 0.8-1.2 ppm crc aft 1 thy withdrawal. bthecaseofSME aft the withdrawal of 10 days muscle, kidney and liver of pigs still contained 0.1,0.3 and 0.5 ppm SME respeztively. However, no SME was deecti from muscle? days, and tissues of pigs aft 15 days. In broiler, 0.02-0.1 ppm SQ was deeced from muscle aft withdrawal. These results indicati that there were no residual goblem of crc, 5MB and SQ when fed of pigs or broilers according to the regulation of FJ Additives.

Storage st: The muscles were either chilled or frcn for 0) days before used for the deturmination of crc, 5MB SQ. It wa found tint crc 5MB and SQ dereased 39.6%, 31.1% and 35% respectively after chilling storage, While frccing storage redncedtheamountof3.3%?6.?% and2% crC?SMEandSQ forrespetively.


chiorletracycline; Sulfa drug;CTC;sulfamethazine