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Publication Studies on the Seroepidemiology of Japanese Encephalitis in Taiwan  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 31

AHRI report No.31


The isloation of Akabane virus (Iriki strain) from calves in taiwan


Taiwan Animal Hesith Research Institute

Author King-Fu Un N.Y. Li;Y. P. Lin;Y.L Un$,Y. ChenO.S. Pan;Y.H. ‘lung

In order to confirm the jrncd of Japenese Fzicephalins (JE)prevalence in Taiwan, we had al the sero-cont ion of Hemagglutination- Inlubition(H 1) antibcxIs rxcitive against Jepenses Encephalits Vinis (3EV) of 2 months old pigs (skughes and gilt), 30 or 50 heads, from North (YUan Preftture), Mi&lle (Taccjrag [refecure) and South (Tainan Prefecture)region in Taiwan. The result revealed the HI anti&wiies p€itive ummary a,gainst JEV pigs agtared at March, April and Feburary in YUan, Taichung and Tainan piefectures, respectively, and then the excent&ges ofHI titr rxxit ye pigs were ircxeasing gradually to 100% at June and maintaining to Octoker, hi other words, the reacd of JE pievalence in Taiwan was from Febny to Docenker and the pericd of JE ma.n epidemic was from June to Octer.


Japanese Encephalitis ‘Anis Senim-Vinis Neutrolization LWJ W TestluthtionggJutination-inhibition.