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Publication Coccidia of Milk Goats in Taiwan  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 30

AHRI report No.30


Coccidia of Milk Goats in Taiwan


Taiwan Anirnai Health Research Institute

Author Y.S. Wu, SJ. (Then and Wivi. Chang

FalsampI from milk goats wexecoikJfroznJuly 19fl tjune 19I. Occyst ofEmeriasj:et were deenl in a1131 farms and 184 fof 218 herds. The main sresies of Eirneria identified were E arloingi (844%) and E. ahpi (73.4%). Two Saanen kids were infetl with sponilati occysss cc’mrising mainly E. arloingi (above 90%). Following alrricGt 14 days eency rericd, the kids shed watt diarrhea initiaiy then rcnuzous-hke f it ersisi 3 web then restorsi. Infoztd kids shed oocyst from 17th day pxt-infoiion (DPI), the numltr of mean fal oocyst ergrdm (OPO) more raised from 24th DPI and renisi until 35th DPI while the kids restred normal fce.


Milk goat, C’xddicGIs, Epidemiology