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Safety and Potency Test on the US Commercial Live Vaccine and Inactivated Bacter...  

Update Date: [2013-11-14]

AHRI report No.46
Safety and Potency Test on the US Commercial Live Vaccine and Inactivated Bacterin against Riemerella anatipestifer Infection
Animal Health Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
CF Yu*, TS Huang, CC Huang
The purpose of the study is to evaluate the safety and efficiency of the commercial trivalent live vaccine and inactivated bacterin (serotype 1, 2, and 5) against Riemerella anatipestifer infection, imported from the Duck Research Laboratory, Cornell University. After aerosol vaccination, all ducklings and goslings vaccinated with the recommended dose showed no side effect or gross pathology lesions, except one duck receiving a 10X dosage of vaccine. The Behrens-Karber method was used to determine the protection index based on LD50 from vaccinated and control animals. The vaccine induced sufficient protection against homologous serotype 1 and 2 challenges in RA-free duckling farms, yet it worked poorly in those farms with animals harboring maternal antibodies. The potency test revealed satisfactory protection with no significant differences between those received live vaccine plus subsequent inactivated bacterin booster and two successive injections of inactivated bacterin of serotype 1 and 2, respectively. With aerosol vaccination of SPF Taiwan ducks using live vaccine, it was found that slight cross protection against serotype 9 was induced , but not with the serotypes 6 and 17. Aerosol administration of live vaccine with an inactivated bacterin booster was found to be efficacious against serotype 2 in ducklings and serotypes 1 and 2 in geese, but vaccination as mentioned above provided no protection in geese and ducklings against serotype 5 infection. In infected farms, we found no protection against serotype 1, 2 and 5 challenges to animals vaccinated once or twice with live vaccine.
Riemerella anatipestifer infection, Avirulent live vaccine, Inactivated bacterin, Safety test, Field trial, Cross protection