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Publication Hog Cholera and Swine Erysipelas Bivalent Live Vaccine  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 34

AHRI report No.34


The Antigenic Differences tetween LPC See]. Virus and Field Isolates of Hog Cholera Virus



Animal Health Research hstitate Council of Agriculture.

Author C. H. Pan*)vl,H. JongJ.q Huang;T.S. HuangS,C. Yang$.H. lie andS.Y. Liii

Based on the studies of ‘,hal characterizauon and amino acid serprences, the
antigenicity of hog cholera ‘inis Izetween LPC vaccines stain and field isolate was analyi Thirty-six field isolates (Thcxsen from? different restriction irattems were
by exaltation of Newcastle disease (END) rnethcd and B- interference test. The tththcaterItht34isoktthehigMy’,imlentstainsand2isoh
Izelonged to the less-inlent stains. LPC vaccine stain cc’u]d lie distinguished from 111fl1fl217 AU) stain by deti-rriination of plaque sirs indirett irrin-xuno-jzeroxidase plaque
staining test (lIPS), however, the field isolates always exhibited different placpre sis. By cx)mp3rng the B) El and £2 glyoo’protein gene souences letween LPC and AU) stain, the similarity of amino acids was 941%, however, there was a highly variable regionintheBdomainoftheE2gene. nthishighlyvariableregion,sixinl0amino acids were different Izetween sequences 471 to 480.


HogGolera VirusExaltauon of Newcastle disease; Jndixeetimxnunoroxidase