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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 33

AHRI report No.33


Development of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis combined vaccine and bovine ephemeral fever inactivated



Anirnai Health Research Ins tit Council of Agricultire

Author T.F Chou*, M.H Jong. IF. Char U. Ting. S.N Wu

Infectious bovine rhinotr&zheitis (TBR)vinis and Bovine ephemes-val fever(BEflvinis were rojogaa! in MDB K and BH K21 cell hnes, the highest vims titers of TSR virus was 108.8 TCID5O /rnl and BEF 1W3 TCID5O /ml resfliely. For the inactivative agent select c the two lands of harvestl viral fluid were inativatived with 0.2 % Forrna]in, 0.1 % Formalin and Binary Ethylene Imicle (BET). After immunization of guinea pigs and mice, it was found that the neutralized antilxxly gec’rnethc tier(GMT) against IBRV was showed 21,32 and 45, resjtztively ; against BEFV the GMT were 23,28 anrlS4. Acxtrdingtothedaofinactivationthetetlerr snses ofGMT shown in teatnesit of BET. With regard to adivant effay comrese tt, two combrtl innvatd virtses were rncopcJ with either 10 % aluminum phctsphae ormineraloil(W/O/W). TflRanti&dyGMTshowerl37,S2andBEFweae49,EO. Comp3xatively, the immunity xespc’nse of mineral oil was surerior.

The field thai for this combined vaccine was reifoimsi at two farms, that 35 heads of cow were teat!, Two weeks later sexmd vaccination at A and B farms, the neutrali’ed antibcdy geometric tier(GMT)of the TSR were 20 and 35 xeseuively, as for BEF the GMT were 176 and 129. The sbi1ity and immunogenicity of the bivalent inactivat! vaccine were confirmed in the maintained lest at 4 c for one year.


Infectious bivine rhinotacheits, Bovine ephemeral fever, Inwztivat! combine:! ntj w vaccine