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Publication The isloation of Akabane virus (Iriki strain) from calves in taiwan  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 31

AHRI report No.31


The isloation of Akabane virus (Iriki strain) from calves in taiwan


Taiwan Animal Hesith Research Institute

Author Yong-Siu Lu, Hsiang-Jung Tsai, Chun-Sein Tseng, Dth-Fa Un

In total, 111 isolates of Pasteuxefla multcdda that were reovereJ from various avian speoies, pigs, cattle, and deer in Taiwan since 1970 were investigaid. All 111 isolates were shown to ire donged to Carer capsular serotyping type A. The result of Haidlestons somatic serotypiizg indicated that 80,2%(89/l 11) of the isolates were of serotype 1, 14.4%(1611 11) wereofserotype3, 4.5%(5fl 11) were of serotye 8, and 0.9% (1 iii 1)was serotype 9. Aczording to animal speDies, one isolate of bovine orgin was of IA serotype; one isolate from deer was of 1 A serotype; 14 isolates of swine origin wexeofl:A(2 isolates);3:A(8 iso1a), and 8:A(4 isolates) serotypes;95
iso1a from various avian sj:aies (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigecms) were of mar, 1 A (86 isolates, 9)5%), 3:A(7 isolates, 7.4%), 8:A(one isola duck origin) and 9:A
(one isolate, duck origin) serotypes, of 84 isolates tesJ for their bicchemical characteristics, all had uniform bicthemical properties, All 84 isolates tested completely fermenti galachce, glucose, mannc€e and mannitol. However, they showed varied fermentation reactions to other carbohydrates. The fractions of the isolates that fermented various carbohydrates were as follows sucrose, %4%;axabinc€e, 88.1%; sorbitol, 33.3% Ma&e, 2.4%,7LuYS. TsaiHJ. TsengCS. LinDF. Serologicaland bicchemical stialies on Pasteurella multocida isolati in Taiwan. J Chin Soc Vet Sd 20 (2): 155-161, 1%14, Correspondir*g author TEL(02)621-21 11, FAX(C12)622-5345? 



Pasteurella multcdda, Capsular serotyping, Somatic serotyping, Carbohydrate fermentation