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Publication Anti-3AB antibodies in the Chinese yellow cattle infected by the O/T...  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 37

AHRI report No.37


Anti-3AB antibodies in the Chinese yellow cattle infected by the O/Taiwan99 foot-and-mouth disease virus 


Animal Health Research bstibat, Council of Agriculture

Author ShinYuhUn*Shiowuanjeng

A high-erforrnance liquid matographic (HPLQ rnethcd is developed to sfrnulwt’usly deerroine pyrimethamine(PYR) ami ormetorrirn(OMI) in chicken fi. In the ionethng HPLC detiminanon of PYR and OMT, the relation let the retn€on fn (Ic’ ) and the concentration of the organic phase (acetonithle) shows a charactris& curve. The k’ valtt first decreases and then Increases slowly with increasing ooncentration of &ronitrile,but then increases rapidly when the aretnithie concentration ncreases ti)%. Resolution (Rs) of PYR and OMT tatase gradually when the concentration of organic phase increases. Increasing the concentration of the pairing ion scdium 1 -ccnesulfonat (NC B- 8) can decrease the k’ and Ps valits. Optiznumvalirsofk’ andRsvilues.Optinumvaiitsofk’ andRsareobtained using 82% acetonithle in 0JX)5M PlC B-8. in ion-suppressing HPLC, varying the concentrationofNa2HPO4 has liuleeffoDtoneitherthelc cRs vahts ofPYRor OMTatPHTh, HoweveratPH4,0, k’ andRs tlinewhentheconcentrationof Na2HPO4 naeases. In geneai, ion-pair ng HPLC genera more satasfactcry result than ion-suppaessing H PLC. Using 82% acetoriltrile In watr coninin 0.001 M PlC B-8 as themobilephase, linearcalikationcurves areobindintherangefrom 1 to5 mg/L of PYR and OMT. Sulfamonomethoxine, sulfariiinethoxire, slfnoxa]ine, trimethoprirn, arqnolium, clopidol, and nicarbazin di not intrfere with the cktotion of PYR or OMT. The roxveries of PYR from spikni fd at land 5mg/Kg are 73% and 72%, resettve, and thcse of OMT from spikoi feel at 3 and I mg/kg are 50.3% and 53.6%, respectively. 



Pyrirriethamine; onnetoptim3-IPLC.