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Publication Goat Tuberculosis in Taiwan  

Update Date: [2013-11-11]

NO.: 28

AHRI report No.28


Goat Tuberculosis in Taiwan


1 .Taiwan Animal Health Researdi Institute
2.Livestcck Disease Control Center of Pintung Prefecture 
3,Livestcck Disease Control Center of Kaohsiung Prefecture

Author Y.S. Lul, HJ. Tsail, CS. Tsung2 CC Chen2. HL ke3, H.H. Hung S,H. Le2

In January of 1986, three out of 84 goat hnpoxsi from U.S.A. were positive to PPD bovine titexcu]in skin tesi These 3 goat were sacrifictl. Typical tikeroilosis lesions were found in all three goat and one stain of MycoIcteriumbovis was isolaal. In May of 1986, three goat from Hualian county (located in eastern part of Taiwan)were subinit to our Institute for diagnosis, They were all pc€itive to tilnculintandfrcm then one stain of M. bovis and two strains of Corynebactrium eulotukerculosis were isolated. An epidemiological survey on tulnculosis in goat was otiducted in Pintur*g county and KacGhiung county (lccatl insouthernjertofTinwan) inMayof 1986. Totalof3,l22goat from 133 farms were examined by tubarculin test, and 57 goat from 34 farms showed pasitive reactions. Total of 11 of tukerculin-testpositive goat were sacrificed. Among them, S goat h&l visible lesions of tubarculosis and4 strains of M. bovis and one strainofM. avium were isolatl from these S goat.


Goat Tukeroilc€is Mycoinriumbovis