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Update Date: [2013-11-11]

NO.: 29

AHRI report No.29


Serological Assays and Seroprevalence of Ruminant Anaplasma Marginale Infection in Taiwan


1.Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Derertnent of Veterinary Mudicine. Animal Industry research Institute Author Jei-FuSu 1FxankS.Hsu2

Author Anaplasma marginale, and infectious agent was successfully isolai from naturally

nfected cattle originating from a farm in northern Taiwan. Three serological test, including complement-fixation test (Cfl, enzyme-linked immunosorltnt assay (ELISA) and indirect fluorescent test (lEA) were deeloped to detuot antibcrlies to A. marginale in ruminant. A marginale organisms isolated from an infected calf were used as the CF. ELLSA, and lEA antigens. There were no significant crcxs reactions ketween the antigens and the cattle hyperimmune sera prcduced by Bekesia bigemina, Theileria sergenti, and Eperythrccon wenyoni. Conrative testiog among the 3 serological test showed that the CF had the highest sensitivity and the lEA & least. The EiSA, as compared to CE, was found to have relative agreement and sensitivity ketwen the CF and lEA were 87.9 and 73.9%, respectively. A serological survey was carried out to determine the prevalence of antibodies to A. moarginale in cattle and gout inTaiwanusingCE, ELLSA, and FAtts, Theresult indicatethatthethreett had a high degree of agreement, Of the 913 cattle serum samples from 8 prefectures tad, 283 (30.9%) were positive. Ottively, all 8 prefectures had A. marginale antibodies. Among these. Taipei prefecture had the hight prevalence (62.3%), followed by Hsinchu (47.3%), Taoyuen (43.2%), Miaoli (33.8%), Taichung (16%), Pingtung (12.3%), Tainan (11.8%), and Taitung (2.7%). In gcals, only two of the4 prefectures submitting serum samples had A. marginale antibodies with prevalence of? and 4%, resceotively. (*SuJF, HsuFS. Serological assays and seroprevalence of ruminant Anaplasma marginale infection in Taiwan. J Chin 5cc Vet Sd 19(2) 29-89, 19)3. Vrresponding author TEL:C12-62121 11, FAX:02-6223345)


RuminantAnaplasmosis Serological assaysSeroprevalence;Taiwan