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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 34

AHRI report No.34


Differentition of egg drop syndrome virus in Taiwan isolates by restriction endonuclease analysis



1 .Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Dertrient of Veterinary Mdicine, National Taiwan University Der-TyanLinl, Shiow-SueyLai2, Tien-LaiHsul, Dih-FaLin 1, Huar-Jarng Yang 1,

Author JeiFuSu1, Shth-YuliLinl

Egg drop syndrome vinis (EDSV) DNA of a Taiwan chicken isolafle 0] strain, was analysed and deavaged by ten endonudeases, ie., Sail, EaRl, BainHI, Gal, )Qiol, Kpnl, Hind ifi, Pvu II, Pst I and SmaI, DNA fragment were analyad and ehtrophoreserl in the 1 % and2 % agarc6e. The nunins of fragments were found 2 (Sail), 4 (&oRI), 4 (BamHI), 3 (Gal), 4 (Xhol), 3 (KpnI), 10 (Hind ifi ),1 1 (Null), 9(PstI), 4 (Smal), xesDtively.SevenEDSViso1afromchickenand ducks (NO.4, NO.3, NO.?, NO.8, NO.18,0] and JAP-1 ), including six Taiwan isolates and one Jaen isolate (JAP- 1), were cxmparoi by endonuc]ease analysis of vinis DNA. Two of them were showed the distinctive difference from other five
isolates, especially the stain NOA which having one extra DNA fragment(3.97 kb) withPstl,Sall,SmaI,ClalandHind ffl.Ontheotherhand,theDNAfragmentpattrn of the (0 stain was showed *c ke identical to that of the JAP-1 stain. Comparing the DNA fragment patterns treated with Hind Ill, the EDSVO] stain, human adenovirus serotype 2 and avian denovinis (No.9) were showed difference. For further study the extra DNA fragment of the (0 strain treatl by Hind ifi, two digoxigenin-lablel gokes from the NO.4 and (0 strain genornic DNA were made. Using &‘th prokes, theextra3.97KbDNAfragmentinNO. 4 strainwexedetetlbycrc6ssouthem blotting ezhnicpie. This indicated that homologous DNA saprence was present ketweenEDS stains of (0 andNO.4


Egg drop syndrome Restriction endonudease