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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 35

AHRI report No.35


Development and field thai of a Bordetella - Pasturella- AthnoIilhis relothxixewibies virus inactivated combination vaccine for swine 


1.Animal Health Research kstitite, Council of Agxioilture
2.Chia-Yi prefecture Livestuck Disease Control Ca
3.Ta-Fcong Veterinary Biological L.abDratories Co. L


A five-in-one inactivated combination vaccine consisting of Dordetella honchiseptica (Sb), Pasteuxella multocida (Pm), Actinobadilus pleuropneumoniae (App), Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae (Es) and eeudorabies virus was develoral for swine. The safety test of the combination vaccine was performed on mice, guinea-pigs, rabbit, grown pigs and pregnant sows. The result shower! that the combination vaccine pc6sesserl high safety on every tesl animal, expect for two grown pigs ‘vith slight fever afr vaccination. The goction indexes on mice against B.b P.m type D and E,r were 2.0 LoglO (1(X)), 0.85 LoglO(7. 1), 2.89 LoglO(776.3), and 3.02 LoglO (1(47), respectively. This result indicaal that the immune effect were satisfactory. The vaccination in sows and their stickling piglet against E.r were performer! on animals under laboratory conditions and the antibody titers were as follow: for the basic inoculation group receiving a 3-rd if vaccine and for the booster group receiving a 5-rd of vaccine, theantibody titer in sow aft farrowing was 32X; the antibody tier in colosinims was 128X; the gemeiric mean titer (OWl) from swtxg piglet test! on the4thdayandonthe4thand8thweekwere432.1Xand2.0resectivdy. For the other group receiving a Sml of basic inoculation and alO-ml of booster, the antibody titer insow was SIX, incolcet-ums was ?128X and the GMTs insuckling piglet were
U1flIflY 78.8Xand21.1Xtest!onthe4thdayandthe4thweek,resectively.Onthe8th
week, the anti-Er. titer on the piglet dropped to 4 .3X. The field trials were conducted in the Shin- Kan County of the Chia-Yi Prefecture, The GMT titer of 14 pregnant sows against E.r was 42.2X pct farrowing. The GMT titer of their 28 surclding piglet (two piglets for each litter) were 33.EXand7iXonthe 4thdayandonthe4th week, resjrectively. These result indicated that the vaccination effect was gcxcd.
On the other hand, anti-B.b. titers of two sows and their swzklisig piglet under laboratory conditions were as follows: for the first group of sow (receiving 3rd of basic inoculation and 3rd of booster) , the antibody titer was 80X kefore vaccination and 1280X poet vacdnation( aft piglet farrowing), the titer in colost-ums was 2560X, andtheGMTtites of their l0swcklingpiglet were 1372X,343X,121X, and
7OXonthe4thdaysoldandthe4th, 8th,12th,weeks,resectively.Theantibodytiters in the second group sow (receiving S rrd of basic vaccination and lOrd of booster) and her stlding piglet were higher than those of the first group. Easel on these studies, we concluded that the antibody titers against B.b. in the grown pigs tested under laboratory conditions and in the suckling piglet test! under the field conditions were
Bordetella honchisepticasteurella mtidaActinobacbacillus



pleuropneumoniEr-ysipeloth& rhusiothieudorabies virugCombination vaccine.