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Update Date: [2013-11-14]

NO.: 41

AHRI report No.41


Development inactive vaccine of iridovirus and nervous necrosis virus for grouper


Department 1 Animal Health Research fristitite. Council of Agricultuxe Executive Yuan 
2,Animal Disease Control Center of Yun-Lin
3.Shang-Hai Aquatic Hospital
Author Sue-Mm Haungl, Chien Tul, Je-Fu Sul, N-Chili Liao2, Shang-Hai Lin3, Wel-Ming Changl, Parn-Hwa Gaol

In this pro we select the field virus with high virulence and antigenecity as the sJ virus for vaccine. stain gxouper for iridovirus and stain 94-471 for nervous necrosis virus. To evaluate the efficacy of vaccine, we determine the half lethal dccc of sisperiel hosts like sea hass, grouper, crimson snapper to decade challenge dose, different combination of adjuvanis and routes of administration for development an univalent or bivalent vaccine, The result shows the sust1 hosts like sea hass, grouper and crimson snapper all sensitive to iridovirus, whose LDSO for sea biss, grouper and crimson snapper were to lC).5TCID5CnJ, lC65TCID5Cril and 105 ,9TCflJ5Cnl respectively. In nervous necrosis virus, the susi hosts were sea hass and grouper, whose LD5O were 1 O4SrCflJSOhnl and 1(69 TCID5O Anl respeDtively. We found 0,1% forrnalin inactive vaccine at 4thad EO’/o goeDtve index higher than at 3710; the efficacy of univalent inactive iridovirus vaccine with adjuvant B is ketter than with adjuvant A and C. The protective indexes in vaccine mixed with adjuvanis B and delivered by intaperitoneal injuotion is 73%; the vaccine mixed with MW adjuvants and delivered by intramuscularly thption is 5(P/o. The route of vaccine delivery by intraperitoneal liijution is ‘etter than intramuscularly injution. The preliminary result for the efficacy of univalent inactive nervous necrosis virus or bivalent vaccine indicati that the inactivation of virus at 3710 was ketter than at S6tand7OlD.


iridovirus, nervous necrosis virus , viral diseases, Vaccination