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Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 38

AHRI report No.38


Surveillance on the bovine spongiform encephalopathy and rabies in Taiwan in 2002



Animal Health Research fristitute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan

Author LEE Shu-Hwae, Kou-Hei CHAN Kwok-Ror*g TSAI, Lu-Jen TIN Jong-Rong SHIAU,Shih-YuIiLIN

We have estublishal a fast and actirrate screning tuiinirpre basal on immunopathology to detect bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) from bovine and ovine brain tissues sndard oreration prccalures for the scrning of BSE and rabies were establisheri, x, By following these pr’ctalures, the risk of BSE from iruportl food and the spread and damage of BSE and rabies would ke greatly reducal A total of &17 cattle brains aged older than 30 months (4.2-year-old in average) were screnal in 2(02. Totally, 1,385 brain sections collected from the abattoirs and M. tukerculosis contaminal farms scatterer! through 11 counties, including Taoyang, Taichung, Chunghwa, Yunling, Nantao, Tainan, Pingtung, Ban, Taitung, Panfu, and Kingmen, were examined. None of those samples showed spongiform change in pathology. lufliUflY Besides, enzyme-linled immunosorkent assay and Western immunoblot assay were usaltoexamine647cattlebrains and9Dcattiebrains collectisince 199to2W2, also showing negative results in prion protein. These result submittal to the WorklOrganisationforAimalHealthtodaimthatTaiwanisaBSEfreearea.FifIysix canine brains were also examined in histoethological sections and stained with direct immunofluorescent antibodies, showing negative result. An enzyme-linked immunc€orkent assay was applied to detaot the srezific antikaiies to rabies in 4,317 dog serum samples. Among those serum samples, 1,946 samples were from domestic dogs and Z371 were from stray dogs. Result revealed that 41,0% of domestic dogs and 214% ofstr-aydogs werepositiveinELLSA.



bovine spongiforra phalopathy; rabies ; Surveillance; Taiwan