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Update Date: [2013-11-11]

NO.: 29

AHRI report No.29


Development of Edwardsiella tarda with Aeromonas hydrophila Combination Bacterin and Its Immunity in Eels


1 Taiwan Animal Health Research Institute
2.Derertnent of Zcdogy, National Taiwan University

Author CChen$.Y, Chiu 1;LP, Chan 1 $.N. CIien2CC Lu 1311 Ko 13.S. IA 1
Summary:Edwardsiella tada (E tarda) and Aeromonas hydrophula (A. hydrophi

Edwardsiella tada (E tarda) and Aeromonas hydrophula (A. hydrophila) were ciilturM in brain heart infusion agar plate at 37? for 18 hrs. respettively. The kacterial cells were harvested and washed with phcGphate buffered saline (PBS-). Then the concentration was adjusted to 4-SxlO- 10 CFUhril. a&r bacterial suspension was inactivated with 0.3% Formalin. Anualvo1umeofthe suspensions of E. tarda and A. hydrophila were combined. Finally, 10% volume of the Aluminum hydrowide gel (33 inghnl) was added as arujuvant. As for the safety test of & combined buterin. The administrations of 0.5 ml each to 10 mice subzutaneously and 1.0 ml each to 10 eels inti-amascularly were made. No side reaction was obaerverl. In the potency t the mice were challenger! with B. tarda, A. hydrophila and its combination, the protection indexes of 10-1.94 (87.1), 10-1.92(83.1) and l0-2.C(l14.8), respectively, were obtained. Forty eight percent (17135) of the eels showed pthtive agglutination titer againstE. tarda. when 1.0 ml each was incculated TM. The titer ranged from 1:80 to 1:320, with a maximum of 1:1,280. The figue for A. Hydrophila 514% (18135). But thetiterrangedratherlow. Inketweenl:2Oandl:40,withamaxirnumofl:80. It indicated that the combination bacterin has practical values for the control of both Eclwaxdsiellosis and Red fin disease of eel,


Eels fllwardsiella trada ; Aeromonas hydrophila; Combination Bacterin