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Publication Characterization of Porcine Circovirus Type2 in Taiwan  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 39

AHRI report No.39


Characterization of Porcine Circovirus Type2 in Taiwan



1 Animal Health Research Institute, Council of Agriculture
2.Graduate Institute of Veterinary Medicine ,National Taiwan University

Author Chun Wang*1,2JienShine HUANG1 Chin-Cheizg Huangl Chien Tul )Aing-Hwa JonglShih-YuhLll4l and Shiow-Sney L412

In a effect to understid the gene& diversity of pc>rcine cirtovirts type 2(PCV2) and
the prevalence of PCV2 infection in Taiwanese herds, we have sncal the cx)rnplete genomes from PCV2-infat simens and individually measure the anti}rcdy titer against PCV2 from pig reared in Taiwan Iretween the years 2(0) and 2(02. A totl 623 srthmens originating from pigs displaying varied clinical signed were screned with the plymerase chain reaction (KR). Result showed that 309 pigs (49,6%) testi sitive for PCV2 . Eight of the p’sitiw srairnens were used for the amplification of the complete viral genome. Sapence comparison of the com-plete genomes indicated Summary that the 8 Taiwanese PCV2 isolate shared 95-99% similarly. Phylogenetic analysis of all 40 PCV2 isolates from north American, Europe, Asia and Taiwan revealed that those isolates were grouei together in one large group cx)nnng two minor subgroua The Taiwanese FCV2 isolates were classified into the two minor subgrou& The prevalence of semm antibcdies to PCV2 in pigs was investigated, and result showed the approximately 83.5% of the pigs in Taiwan were ser’positive. Finishing pigs pssess the highest titers of antibcdies, while 9-wek-old pigs conined the lowest titers for sjth& anti&dies. Our result suggest that PCV2 infections have keome common in Taiwanese pig farms.



Phylogenetic analysis palymerase chain reactionPcucine circovirus type seropoGitve.