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Publication The pharmacokinetics of aquatic antimicrobials in cobia (1)  

Update Date: [2013-11-14]

NO.: 41

AHRI report No.41


The pharmacokinetics of aquatic antimicrobials in cobia (1)


Department 1. Animal Health Research bstitrt Ouncil ofAgriculture, Executive Yuan Depax-tinent 
2.National Taiwan Unitity Derfrnent of Veterinary Melicine
3.Fishery Research Institutes Bioe±nology Division
Author Tn, Cl, SKChar*g2. CFChang3, SM Huar*gl, MJ Songl, HJ Kuo2, OH Yang3, JC Author Chemg WM Changl and PH Chaol

The purpe of this study was to evaluate the possible residue time of amoxicillin and ampici]hn in tissues of cobia Rachycentron canadum after a single oral dcee and to help confirm withdrawal pericd of thc€e drugs. The author used hard stomach til:e for drug administration at each study. This methcd siificanily increases the accuracy of drug administration and decreases the stress of experimenl fish. The authors also mcdifiei other researches’ analytic methcds, such as derrease of extraction time,
SUlmoafl decrease of amount of waste organic solvent and changes of pH in mobile phase. All mentioned improvement made the analysis more easily to operate than before. These is no maximum residue levels can be compared directly at present time. Our HPLC result indicated that the muscle and Mcxxi concentration for ampicillin and amoxicillin were lower than or clue to 0.01 pghnl (maximal residue allowed for animal drugs by Department of Health) 48 hours after a single oral administration.


Ibia Rachycentron canadum, amoxicillin, ampicillin, withdrawal pericd