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Publication Assessment of current hog cholera vaccination programs  

Update Date: [2013-11-13]

NO.: 38

AHRI report No.38


Assessment of current hog cholera vaccination programs


Animal Health Research stitu. Ccuncil of Agriculture. Executive Yuan

Author Huang TS, Jong MH, Deng MC, Wang C, Lin YL, Chen CM, Huang CD

Serum samples were wllecl from sows and piglet gior to and post lapintrd hog cholera vaccine(LPCV)vwxination of eleven pig farms kxzaed in Kinmen, Taichung and Yunlin counties, and were ts1 for serum neutralization antibcdy against hog cholera virus. Among the eleven pig farms, there were three vaccination gograms for sows including four farms vaccinated once a year, four farms vaccinated once a half- year and three farms no more vaccination afler the basic vaccination. The geometric means of serum neutralization antibcdy of sows were 1:0)5 for four farms vasxinaJ once a year, 1:350 for other four farms vaccinati once a halfyear, 1:20) for another two farms basic vaccinati only, and 1:1,399 for a hog cholera contaminated farm that also performing basic vaccination. For piglet, ilte were eight different kinds of vaccination gograms including five farms each performing vaccination gior to ingestion of a4ostwns, on3 weeks, S weeks, 3 and6weeks, Sand 8 weeks of age, respectively, and other 6 farms each two of them were vaccinated on 6 and 9 week, 6 and 12 weeks, 8 and 12 weeks of age. Depending on the level of cdostnims antibcdy, the geometric means of piglets serum neutralization antibcdy titers of each farm showed ckreased then increased or continue to increase aft first shot or second vaccination.



Hog cholera, The appsopa-iate vaccination time